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Dollar Tree-Any Fresno store

23 Sep

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I almost dread having to go to this store.

Not because I will go in for 1 or 2 items, pick up whatever I fancy, all along saying, “hmm, it’s only a $1” & come out with more than $20 of items ;P

It’s also not  because the ghetto-ness varies from store to store; But if you have to go with toddlers or babies-Plan ahead!

This is a VERY un-baby friendly store.

Very, VERY rarely will you find a Dollar Tree store where they will allow you use of a public restroom, which therefore takes away any changing table (which they don’t have anyways), & FORGET anywhere to nurse!

So in (very) short, Not baby/toddler/Nursing Friendly. You’re better off almost anywhere else :-/

If you’ve been to a Dollar Tree Store & had a better experience, PLEASE, let us know which one 🙂


To the readers..

23 Sep

It’s been so long since I’ve posted on here. In large part to just being so caught up in life as a wife & stay at home mom. I sometimes think people will never fully comprehend what a  person in my role does.

Anyways, I’d like to hear from anybody reading this post. The tired out mommy, the burnt out father or just the person who is curious about what I could POSSIBLY be tired from : But I’d like a glimpse into all of your lives, maybe just whats going on & hey if you could use a little prayer your way, i’d be more than happy to give it 🙂