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If only I had known…

16 Aug

We all live life alongside each other, everyday but do we really see each other. How many of us care to know the person in our lives. So many people feel so alone in this world & like nobody cares. So many people feel like the best option for their life is to end it. It isn’t until it’s too late that you hear others say “If only I had known”
If only I had known, I would have shared my struggles & how I got through.
If only I had known, I would have reached out.
If only I had known, I would have shared a laugh or a good cry with them.
If only I had known I would have called them up & hung out with them.
If only I had known I wasn’t the only one.
If only I had known I would have ……
The thing is, we never know what someone is dealing with. We never know the hurts & demons others are fighting the pains & disappointments they are living through. We never know.
Let us live as if we do know one another’s struggles & give our love, care & concern freely
Because, we never know.
I’d like to see this on everybody’s FB status & would also ask to you put one thing that you would do “if you had known”
This won’t cause you to get to heaven or hell. Mark Zuckerberg won’t send you a million dollars if you forward this to all our friends, but it could show somebody that you care & save them from making the choice to take their life.


Free diapers with insurance/Medicaid

23 Aug

I am learning so much more about the benefits insurance companies can really
In a previous post I talked about getting a free breast pump & now I’m learning that insurance may even be able to help with diapers!
If you have a child who is allergic to disposable diapers, you can have your pediatrician write a prescription to your insurance company & get cloth diapers!!
Now I’m not sure which kind of diapers you get or can choose but still, if your kid needs them, every bit will help!

Also, if you have a child with special needs, insurance can send you diapers after a certain age. The age varies by state but the earliest I saw was age 3. Again, you’ll have to submit a prescription from your pediatrician. Some parents said their insurance required specific wording such as ‘required’ & even stating what your child’s need is. All details will probably vary with different insurances but for some children who will be in diapers longer it can be a financial help. You’re already paying into the insurances so why not get the full use of which they were put there.
I hope this helps some parents out there & be sure to pass the word along to anyone who could use it 🙂