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Babies R Us brand diapers

28 Nov

WOW, I didn’t think a diaper could get any thinner than Luvs.

Believe it or not I didn’t think they would be so bad. I’ve tried store brand or cheaper baby brands of stuff & have been pleasantly surprised. Not the case with these diapers, they suck!

They’re so cheap that they don’t even put absorbent material up the entire back of the diaper!, yeah cause you only have to worry about catching a kids urine.

Disappointing & I will NOT be making that mistake again, so learn from my experience & save yourself the money!


Johnson & Johnson Wipes

28 Nov

The baby brand! I can almost smell the perfume that has come to equate that adorable baby smell! I imagined how soft the baby’s skin is after a you put their lotion on & cuddling them in your arms.

Yet when I used their baby wipes, really wanting to love them, I felt a little jipped!

No sweet smell, no soft aftertouch, just a thin baby wipe that dries out quick!

Now when I use them (cause I have a whole case of them) I think, Johnson & Johnson, what a rip-off, these suck!

But the good thing that came from them is it gave me a good title for this & other products that, well….suck! = D

Traveling out of country

4 Nov
Fishermans Fountain
In Chapala, Jalisco. Mexico

Well it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything on this blog.

In truth, part is because I’m not sure how much of a difference it was making & the last 2 weeks I have been getting ready to take a trip out of country to visit my dad & his family.

Now remember, this is a personal post so be ready to read just one persons thoughts ; )

Now I don’t know how many people have traveled to see family out of country but it is a pretty involved task.  My dad is from the states but chose to move to Mexico (IKR, who chooses to go to Mexico, but I digress..) so before going I ask what would everybody like from he


From then on it’s this mad hunt for all this stuff, different stores to find the right/certain things & correct sizes. It  almost like a scavenger hunt for vacation trips. And this of course is never-minding the paperwork involved-passports for each member & plane tickets.

But when you first see your family which you haven’t seen in years, the moment makes it seem TOTALLY worth it!

I had my moments. There were times where I felt bad as a mom for taking my son but other times where I felt glad that he could get some quality time with his Abuelo. The pictures make it worth it to me. Those pictures I couldn’t get any other way & my son (Lord willing nothing happens to them) will have some memories of his abuelo, even if he can’t remember them.

So I guess my hope for all of you who travel with kids, is that you get the BEST memories you can! That even in those uncomfortable & MAJORLY inconvenient times you don’t get too discouraged & that those once in a lifetime memories outweigh the inconvenient ones 🙂

…oh yeah & some AWESOME pics! ; )