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Ameda Purely Yours breast pump

1 Aug

So in a different post I talked about how I was able to get this breast pump free!

-Individual suction & speed control 20130808_095334
-You don’t have to worry about the milk getting in the tubing like with the Medela’s causing mildew to form in the machine.

The membrane keeps the milk from entering the tubing.

The membrane keeps the milk from entering the tubing.

– Though it is a double pump, one tube can be closed off & used as a single pump
– It can be plugged in OR run solely on batteries


-Feels like there could be more suction sometimes (but it still makes your milk flow really well)

Ok, overall, I REALLY enjoy this pump. When I bought my first pump I passed this one over because it kind of looked cheap & when you spend that much money on a pump it seems the best idea is to go with a pump that is well-known i.e. Medela.
I think the Ameda breast pump is VERY underrated & often passed over. With the Medela Swing, the function I wanted & lacked was being able to control the drawl or suction. With the Swing whenever you increased the suction it automatically sped up the pumping too which is NOT what I needed. The ability to control the suction & speed of the pump makes this pump equate that of the hospital grade pumps without the price.


Milkies-Milk Saver

2 Jul


Best kept secret?
I can easily say that the milk saver is One of the BEST breastfeeding products that you may not know about!
I nursed my first son for a little over a year & Never heard about this.
What is it?
It’s a container you comfortably place on your breast while nursing or pumping the other breast. As you may already know, when milk is coming out from one side, it comes out of the other too. So this product is able to passively collect that milk without having to do ANY work! I love it!!

Every time I collect an ounce, shoot, HALF an ounce I always proclaim the milkie to be worth it’s weight in gold! Haha!
In the description of the product it says you can wear it while out & about, uh, not really Billie! In the picture below you can see how large it is.
BUT you could wear it in the car on your way home if you wanted.
As with most items there are some flaws. For the Milkie I would say the only 2 problems I have come across is if more than 2 oz leaks out, that it overflows & begins to leak out.
In general it’s not generally more than 1.5 oz that leaks from your breast anyway but if you’re particularly full after missing a few feelings than you might run into this more.
The second problem is the lack of a lid or cover.
Believe it or not, I would forget I had the milk saver on & after nursing would go lay my baby down. Well leaning over while wearing this is an obvious no-no, because it will cause all the milk you’ve just collected to spill out.
The only thing I can think to combat that is possibly a lid?
In any case the Milk Saver still does an excellent job & is one of the best gifts you can give a nursing mom.

To see a small video about the Milkie, visit my Facebook page
Family Day Out

Fisher Price Diapers

14 Feb



5 Stars out of 5

In short, these are GREAT diapers.

Initially, I wasn’t sure about buying/trying these since we never heard of Fisher-Price making diapers. But with a cheaper deal than Pampers I was willing to try them out & they worked great!
The above picture is of a nitetime diaper which is even MORE absorbent than the daytime ones. There is a multi package w nite-time diapers that includes both the daytime & nighttime diapers.
The nighttime diapers are GREAT for overnight or long trips when making stops often is not quite feasible : / We have never had any leaking, even when our son decides to have a growth spurt & sleep longer than usual, I know I can trust this diaper to hold it ALL in! : D
The daytime diapers work equally as well, They hold A LOT & we’ve don’t have to worry about any spillage out of the back.

There is also a size indicator (on the waist showing u too small, big or just right) which is a nice touch.
I guess the only complaint I can make is that u can see the design thru some pants so it looks like the baby’s pants r stained but it’s really not that big of a deal. 🙂
These diapers are a very good buy & WELL worth your money.

Babies R Us brand diapers

28 Nov

WOW, I didn’t think a diaper could get any thinner than Luvs.

Believe it or not I didn’t think they would be so bad. I’ve tried store brand or cheaper baby brands of stuff & have been pleasantly surprised. Not the case with these diapers, they suck!

They’re so cheap that they don’t even put absorbent material up the entire back of the diaper!, yeah cause you only have to worry about catching a kids urine.

Disappointing & I will NOT be making that mistake again, so learn from my experience & save yourself the money!

Johnson & Johnson Wipes

28 Nov

The baby brand! I can almost smell the perfume that has come to equate that adorable baby smell! I imagined how soft the baby’s skin is after a you put their lotion on & cuddling them in your arms.

Yet when I used their baby wipes, really wanting to love them, I felt a little jipped!

No sweet smell, no soft aftertouch, just a thin baby wipe that dries out quick!

Now when I use them (cause I have a whole case of them) I think, Johnson & Johnson, what a rip-off, these suck!

But the good thing that came from them is it gave me a good title for this & other products that, well….suck! = D