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Hello world!

24 Aug
~A little info about myself & why I’m starting this blog.~
As a breastfeeding mother, it was a little stressful wondering (if on the rare occasion) the place we were going to eat at was going to be comfortable enough to breast feed at or if I would have to sit on the toilet nursing my son.
Sure I would bring my shawl but w a growing boy who doesn’t always want to stay still, to have a private room/spot seemed much more appealing than flashing my boob to random strangers!
As we began to venture out w/our little one more & more I began to look online for places that would be breastfeeding friendly (BFF) or even baby friendly. I thought with so many different sites & info on the web now, there’s BOUND to be a page full of that info….yeah not really.
So my hope is that through this site, we as caretakers will be able to be more well-informed of buisness’ to better suite us as we try to take care of our children’s needs. To put more useful info out there for others who are searching for a comfortable place where you won’t have to take your food to go, or leave the establishment altogether.
*This is not a sponsored site, no one is paying me to promote their business, so none of the reviews are biased; just personal experience.
I realize that experiences will vary from person to person which is why I encourage you to share your experience  at anyplace I’ve shared or  email any of your own.
Thank you all for taking the time to visit this site & feel free to pass it on to anyone you think could use the info 🙂