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Babies R Us brand diapers

28 Nov

WOW, I didn’t think a diaper could get any thinner than Luvs.

Believe it or not I didn’t think they would be so bad. I’ve tried store brand or cheaper baby brands of stuff & have been pleasantly surprised. Not the case with these diapers, they suck!

They’re so cheap that they don’t even put absorbent material up the entire back of the diaper!, yeah cause you only have to worry about catching a kids urine.

Disappointing & I will NOT be making that mistake again, so learn from my experience & save yourself the money!


Johnson & Johnson Wipes

28 Nov

The baby brand! I can almost smell the perfume that has come to equate that adorable baby smell! I imagined how soft the baby’s skin is after a you put their lotion on & cuddling them in your arms.

Yet when I used their baby wipes, really wanting to love them, I felt a little jipped!

No sweet smell, no soft aftertouch, just a thin baby wipe that dries out quick!

Now when I use them (cause I have a whole case of them) I think, Johnson & Johnson, what a rip-off, these suck!

But the good thing that came from them is it gave me a good title for this & other products that, well….suck! = D