Why a family day out blog?

Hello & welcome to my blog, Family Day Out.

My hope is that you can turn to this site when you are trying to find a baby/kid friendly place to take your children to & hopefully fdiscover some baby products you didn’t know about.

As a new mom I was apprehensive about where I could take my son & not have to worry if I would be able to nurse their or be able to change his diaper. Some places were wonderful & some we had to leave.

I have been blessed enough to be a stay at home mommy to my now 2 yr old & infant boys. Anybody who has a child knows there is NOTHING more wonderful & frustrating at times than raising your child.

Determined to not be housebound forever (or at least until he started pre-k ; ) I decided to head out & try to run the errands for the household with my infant in tow. As I tackled my first place of business I felt pretty good about myself..”hmm, this is not so bad.”

Then, it happened.

My son had a FULL diaper blowout! This didn’t just require an icky diaper change, I’m talking poop out the diaper & up the back. To make things worse this store didn’t even have a “public” bathroom, let alone a place to change my son. As a parent you try to make do with any situation you’re thrown but I never realized until this point how UN-baby friendly some business’ are.

After that I looked online to find “baby friendly” or even “nursing friendly” places in my city. The internet being what it is now, I thought I’d find pleeenty of sites with this info.

Yeah, no.

So after months of waiting & wishing for someone to realize this need & start putting the info out there, the thought began to grow.

So after much thought & prayer, Here I am : D with a blog where you can check out how baby/nursing/kid friendly a certain restaurant, or business is, as well as reviews on some surprising baby finds.

Thanks for stopping by & Don’t forget to check out & like my Facebook page: Family Day Out


2 Responses to “Why a family day out blog?”

  1. Mariela Campbell Photography September 13, 2012 at 9:10 am #

    Thank you for stopping by my blog ::) I like your idea… with your blog.. thats awesome!!

    • 1mom2anothr September 13, 2012 at 5:14 pm #

      Thank you mariela, i hope to be able to have plenty of places that moms can feel comfortable nursing at or people feel comfortable to take kids to 🙂

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