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Heading to New York city?? Need a place to breast-feed?

8 Aug

I found a great little link on places to nurse in New York City.  I’ve personally never been but if you’re going there, you can use this list as a starting point. Plus, take a look at the comments below the article at all the other places people mention.


& if you visit any breast-feeding friendly locations, Share them! Let’s get the word out about breast-feeding friendly locations!!!!


Traveling out of country

4 Nov
Fishermans Fountain
In Chapala, Jalisco. Mexico

Well it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything on this blog.

In truth, part is because I’m not sure how much of a difference it was making & the last 2 weeks I have been getting ready to take a trip out of country to visit my dad & his family.

Now remember, this is a personal post so be ready to read just one persons thoughts ; )

Now I don’t know how many people have traveled to see family out of country but it is a pretty involved task.  My dad is from the states but chose to move to Mexico (IKR, who chooses to go to Mexico, but I digress..) so before going I ask what would everybody like from he


From then on it’s this mad hunt for all this stuff, different stores to find the right/certain things & correct sizes. It  almost like a scavenger hunt for vacation trips. And this of course is never-minding the paperwork involved-passports for each member & plane tickets.

But when you first see your family which you haven’t seen in years, the moment makes it seem TOTALLY worth it!

I had my moments. There were times where I felt bad as a mom for taking my son but other times where I felt glad that he could get some quality time with his Abuelo. The pictures make it worth it to me. Those pictures I couldn’t get any other way & my son (Lord willing nothing happens to them) will have some memories of his abuelo, even if he can’t remember them.

So I guess my hope for all of you who travel with kids, is that you get the BEST memories you can! That even in those uncomfortable & MAJORLY inconvenient times you don’t get too discouraged & that those once in a lifetime memories outweigh the inconvenient ones 🙂

…oh yeah & some AWESOME pics! ; )

Regal Manchester Stadium 16 (Signature Theater)

12 Oct

            2055 E. Shields Ave. Fresno, CA 93726

4 Stars out of 5 Stars


  • Have changing table in bathroom
  • Have booster seats (who knew!?)
  • Can park your stroller next to your seat in the front rows


  • No designated nursing room
  • The sound of the movies can be REALLY loud, especially for little ears.

Personal Experience:

Taking babies or small children can get controversial amongst movie go-ers. When they are small they are more portable, sleep longer & don’t want to run up & down the aisles. BUT, the movies can be VERY loud for them which is why some people have them wear something to block some of the sound. While there is no designated nursing room, the theater is dark enough that you feel you have some privacy…hoping no stranger is sitting right next to you : p

Depending on the movie (kids movie or not) people will tolerate some noise from your kids, but non-kid movies…not too much.

I’d say this theater is about as kid/baby friendly a movie theater can be.

Samurai Sam

9 Oct

585 W. Nees Ave. #123  Fresno, CA 93711

1/2 Star out of 5 Stars


  • Have high chairs
  • Place is loud enough that your child making noise is not an issue.


  • No car seat sling
  • No nursing area-nowhere to really nurse, chairs are uncomfortable & the bathroom is a single handicap bathroom.
  • No changing table
  • High chairs cannot be turned upside down because the back is raised. So if you attempt this you run the risk of your baby being knocked over, since it’s not really what they are meant to do.
  • Not really room to bring your stroller in, unless you “park” by the door.

Personal Experience:

The food is DELICIOUS! The vegetables taste fresh, as well as the rest of the food. I got a half/half bowl of steak & chicken….my goodness that steak was SO tender. It is a small business, so the tables are pretty close together. We really enjoyed the food, unfortunately did not feel it was very baby friendly : (

Big Fresno Fair-Nursing Room

5 Oct
This is a special FYI to all nursing mommies,
Here’s a bit of exciting or good news; the Big Fresno Fair will have a special “Mommy Zone”  just for breastfeeding moms. It will be a private, air-conditioned space for moms to feed and change their babies.
How great is that!!!
It’s located near the Found Children’s Gingerbread House just inside the Westamerica Bank Gate Entrance on Chance Ave. So you can plan a nursing trip around your famous fair corn dog, cinnamon roll or mmm, deep fried ice cream!   : D
If you use it, let us know about how comfortable it was for you! =)




2 Oct

1/2 Star out of 5


  • Drive thru-you don’t have to stay there.
  • There are a couple of items kids can have & some drinks can be modified w/out caffeine for kids.


  • Nowhere to nurse-no nursing room & the chairs are uncomfortable.
  • NO changing tables
  • Not really room for you to park your stroller inside.
  • No high chairs

Personal Experience:

This review is from a subscriber; She noticed that there really isn’t a baby/kid friendly Starbucks. There doesn’t seem to be a changing table or high chairs at ANY of their billion locations.

It seems intentional to keep kids out; which is a growing trend of making places “Adults only”.

I personally almost never go to Starbucks, I’ve never been much a of a coffee drinker. Altho, I have wanted to down a few cups just to have the energy to get through the day of taking care of my son, but I figured the caffeine would go to him too & HE didn’t need more energy.


28 Sep

40 El Camino  Fresno, CA 93720

1/2 Star out of 5


  • Have High chairs


  • No changing tables
  • Nowhere to nurse
  • Nowhere to put a baby’s car-seat; either on a sling carrier OR chair
  • kind of too crowded for a stroller

Personal Experience:

We had our son in his car-seat & had to hold on to it because when people would walk by they’d accidentally push it…fun.
I tried nursing my son at the back booth type table. It was okay until these 2 ladies sat next to us & kept glancing at us. Mind you the back 2 tables are shared by the same booth seat & the table is a little more than arms length away.

Warning: Bit of a Rant. Now I wear a nursing shawl when I nurse, I’m not trying to put on a show for anybody so I don’t understand why people STARE at you as if they are looking from a 2 way mirror that I can’t see them. Yeah, I can see ya! STOP STARING. ~End Rant~ : D

All in all it’s a good place, we enjoy the food (especially their famous fish tacos) but I can’t say its baby/kid friendly.

Black Angus

21 Sep

1737 E. Shaw Ave.  Fresno, CA 93710

3 out of 5 Stars


  • Have high chairs
  • Have changing table in BOTH men & women’s restroom.


  • No baby chairs
  • Not really anywhere to nurse
  • Very quiet restaurant-so every little squeal is noticeable.

Personal Experience:

I LOVE to sit at the booths because of the very high backs. In these I was able to sit my sons car-seat on the booth seat. If you nurse at the table, depending where you’re seated, you only have one angle to worry about exposing your boob to! Sitting at a table is too uncomfortable & there is no room for you to put your child in a car seat.

One subscriber said “their high chairs didn’t flip over to hold a car-seat and they didn’t have those sling things. So we had to set her car-seat on a chair and it made so nervous she was going to be bumped by someone walking by and go tumbling on the floor.”

I Love Sushi

16 Sep

465 W. Shaw Avenue  Clovis, CA 93612

3 1/2 Out of 5 Stars


  • Have High chairs
  • Have Boosters
  • Loud enough for children but won’t give you a headache.
  • Changing tables in BOTH men & women’s restroom.


  • There’s not really room to put car seat in booth & the chairs are too small for that as well.
  • The high chairs can be turned upside down so that u can put the  car seat on the chair but its on a slight tilt so you would have to make sure NOBODY pushes it and that you are RIGHT next to the baby. It’s a little too dangerous for me & I’m too nervous to risk that.
  • No nursing area. The tables are too uncomfortable to nurse at & if you can get a booth in the back, that’ll help, just be sure to not get in view of the tinted window next to you.

Personal Experience:

The name of the restaurant matches how I personally feel when I think of sushi (*sigh 🙂 I have always had a generally good experience there as well. On this particular occasion our waitress was Judy, VERY sweet girl but in general the staff is nice & accommodating. Any questions I had, especially regarding for my child, they were happy to help.

I wish I could rate this place a little higher but as a nursing mother it is not very comfortable & I would have to say that it is more kid friendly rather than baby friendly.

Mimi’s Cafe

7 Sep
3 1/2 Stars out of 5
  • Have booster seats & high chairs.
  • Booths were..adequate to fit a car seat.
  • Some Booths have enough privacy & room  to nurse.
  • Changing table in women’s bathroom
  • The largest bathroom is big enough for your kid to walk around for a second or place your car seat down in & it seemed like a bonus the doors go down the whole way so that you don’t have to worry about your little one crawling out.
  • Have kids menu
Con: pretty quiet so when your child is loud, seems noticeable to you.
Personal experience: we sat at a booth w a friendly older couple who played a small game of peekaboo w our child as he leered into their booth : p after that couple left another older couple who was NOT interested in our curious little adventurer sat there.
Our server, that day, was VERY slow. We didn’t mind at first as we were trying have enjoy ourselves, but with only 3 other customers after waiting for EVERYTHING as if it was a full house our patience waned.
“excuse me, can I have ranch to go w/this appetizer?”….1/2 way through….”excuse me, can I have some ranch for this?” & EVERYTHING was this long.
And anybody who’s eating w/a small child knows you have a window of time that you can be at a place before they start LOSING it!
So waiting for things when we were already to go was NOT fun.
In general:
The restaurant has alot of older couples & people just wanting to relax & take their time enjoying their food.
I see nothing wrong w/ this at all, but especially if you’re a new parent it can cause u to feel so much more aware of every squeal n screech from your little darling : D