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Pregnancy remarks you hate?

25 Feb

Well, it’s the countdown time!   I am 37 wks. pregnant today..YAY!

I feel every bit of this pregnancy but No I am not over it yet.

I am a little over some of the cliché pregnancy remarks though, such as…”OH! you look like you’re done! You’re ready for baby to come!/You look like you’re ready for baby to be born!” …”Doesn’t she have the look?”

which i typically reply, “Not really, cause then that means there is a baby to care for & right now it’s easier to care for him while letting him grow” 😛

& yet, the comment keeps being repeated by the saaaaaamme person. I’ve begun to view it as the equivalent of, “Somebody’s got a case of the Mondays!!” = D

Of all other prego remarks,

“wow! you look ready to pop!”

“whoa, due any day now huh?” (while you are not even close ; P

I don’t mind them, I actually think they’re funny sometimes : D But for some reason being told I look done w my pregnancy when  I still feel fine & say so starts to irk me.

Have you ever been told a pregnancy remark that you hated or loved?