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Heading to New York city?? Need a place to breast-feed?

8 Aug

I found a great little link on places to nurse in New York City.  I’ve personally never been but if you’re going there, you can use this list as a starting point. Plus, take a look at the comments below the article at all the other places people mention.


& if you visit any breast-feeding friendly locations, Share them! Let’s get the word out about breast-feeding friendly locations!!!!


Milkies-Milk Saver

2 Jul


Best kept secret?
I can easily say that the milk saver is One of the BEST breastfeeding products that you may not know about!
I nursed my first son for a little over a year & Never heard about this.
What is it?
It’s a container you comfortably place on your breast while nursing or pumping the other breast. As you may already know, when milk is coming out from one side, it comes out of the other too. So this product is able to passively collect that milk without having to do ANY work! I love it!!

Every time I collect an ounce, shoot, HALF an ounce I always proclaim the milkie to be worth it’s weight in gold! Haha!
In the description of the product it says you can wear it while out & about, uh, not really Billie! In the picture below you can see how large it is.
BUT you could wear it in the car on your way home if you wanted.
As with most items there are some flaws. For the Milkie I would say the only 2 problems I have come across is if more than 2 oz leaks out, that it overflows & begins to leak out.
In general it’s not generally more than 1.5 oz that leaks from your breast anyway but if you’re particularly full after missing a few feelings than you might run into this more.
The second problem is the lack of a lid or cover.
Believe it or not, I would forget I had the milk saver on & after nursing would go lay my baby down. Well leaning over while wearing this is an obvious no-no, because it will cause all the milk you’ve just collected to spill out.
The only thing I can think to combat that is possibly a lid?
In any case the Milk Saver still does an excellent job & is one of the best gifts you can give a nursing mom.

To see a small video about the Milkie, visit my Facebook page
Family Day Out

Bj’s Country Kitchen

8 Apr

200 W Shaw Ave # 103 Clovis, Ca. 93612

1 Star out of 5


  • High chairs


  • No boosters
  • Tight spacing, no room for stroller
  • Nowhere to nurse
  • No changing table

Personal Experience:

I’ve been to this restaurant before & had good dining experiences, I don’t know if the economy has gotten that bad or just customer service in general. Yet the thought that kept coming to my mind was…So gross.

I mean, I feel grossed out even thinking about eating there. The food was heeecka greasy & I mean GREASY.We waited so long to get our food & I began to wonder if it was because they were letting the hash browns soak in the oil for that long. Granted, when the waitress said we had 5 tickets ahead of us (after waiting 20 mins from our order being taken) I asked if there was ANYTHING they could bring out. She happily said she could bring out my biscuits n Gravy…Thank you Lord!

The tables are SO close together, even if it is loud enough for your kid to make noise, the tables are only an arm’s length away so it’s like you’re sharing a table, haha!

Now this is my own growing pet peeve, but everything was sticky. I get a little grossed out thinking that it’s been THAT long since the plastic menus have been wiped down,especially being that you handle them BEFORE you get your food, so it’s not from the food that it’s getting that way.

The food just wasn’t that good & I regretted not eating at Denny’s. Not that Denny’s food is top cuisine but it sure beat Bj’s Country Kitchen.