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Me N Eds-7080 N. Cedar Ave.

9 Jan
Outside Sign7080 N. Cedar Ave. Fresno, CA 93720
1 Star out of 5 Stars
  • Have high chairs
  • If your child is noisy, it’s not really an issue.
  • No booster seat
  • No Changer
  • High chair cannot be turned upside down for a car seat
  • No car seat sling
  • No Nursing area.

Personal Experience:

I think the atmosphere of a place & how comfortable you feel w/your child makes a difference in each place that is visited. Since our son is older, the place was fine for him to walk around, look at toy/candy vending machines & not disturb others as he walks past them &/or waves : D There are some booths, so a car seat could go in one of those & if REALLY needed you could always use the bench seats as a changing table. Although my husband & I try not to do that in restaurants, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to take off that poo! = P

Buy Buy Baby

7 Jan

7458 N. Blackstone Ave. Fresno, CA 93720

5 1/2 Stars out of 5


  • Have a WONDERFUL nursing room
  • Changing table in nursing room
  • Have a child seat in the handicap- so you can buckle your child in & not have to worry about them while you use the restroom, GENIUS!
  • The staff is INCREDIBLY helpful!! I mean so helpful I thought maybe they were getting a commission or something!


  • It’s not a restaurant that you can also eat there w/ the same conveniences you can use while you shop
  • No rewards program

Personal Experience:

Ok, I am not being paid to write any of these reviews, but I can not rave enough about this place!

I LOVE going to this store. I kid you not, I would plan my errands & trips around this place.

This store has THEE best freakin nursing room I have EVER utilized! Ever. The environment is tranquil, CLEAN, & com-for-ta-ble!! Now when you think that they sell this stuff, so how hard was it for them to put it in a specific room. YET, there are other stores that sell these SAME items & DON’T do the same thing *cough-babies r’ us*

At one point I literally would take all of my babies r’ us ads into this store to buy my stuff because I got a taste of the good life, a wonderful nursing room! hahaha, ok I know I’m going on & on about it, but especially when you’re a new frazzled mom, having a great nursing room where you can relax for a feeding is just one of the best things you can get as a mom.

The staff is incredibly helpful & knowledgeable, they are very professional & make you feel like a valued customer.

Samurai Sam

9 Oct

585 W. Nees Ave. #123  Fresno, CA 93711

1/2 Star out of 5 Stars


  • Have high chairs
  • Place is loud enough that your child making noise is not an issue.


  • No car seat sling
  • No nursing area-nowhere to really nurse, chairs are uncomfortable & the bathroom is a single handicap bathroom.
  • No changing table
  • High chairs cannot be turned upside down because the back is raised. So if you attempt this you run the risk of your baby being knocked over, since it’s not really what they are meant to do.
  • Not really room to bring your stroller in, unless you “park” by the door.

Personal Experience:

The food is DELICIOUS! The vegetables taste fresh, as well as the rest of the food. I got a half/half bowl of steak & chicken….my goodness that steak was SO tender. It is a small business, so the tables are pretty close together. We really enjoyed the food, unfortunately did not feel it was very baby friendly : (


2 Oct

1/2 Star out of 5


  • Drive thru-you don’t have to stay there.
  • There are a couple of items kids can have & some drinks can be modified w/out caffeine for kids.


  • Nowhere to nurse-no nursing room & the chairs are uncomfortable.
  • NO changing tables
  • Not really room for you to park your stroller inside.
  • No high chairs

Personal Experience:

This review is from a subscriber; She noticed that there really isn’t a baby/kid friendly Starbucks. There doesn’t seem to be a changing table or high chairs at ANY of their billion locations.

It seems intentional to keep kids out; which is a growing trend of making places “Adults only”.

I personally almost never go to Starbucks, I’ve never been much a of a coffee drinker. Altho, I have wanted to down a few cups just to have the energy to get through the day of taking care of my son, but I figured the caffeine would go to him too & HE didn’t need more energy.


28 Sep

40 El Camino  Fresno, CA 93720

1/2 Star out of 5


  • Have High chairs


  • No changing tables
  • Nowhere to nurse
  • Nowhere to put a baby’s car-seat; either on a sling carrier OR chair
  • kind of too crowded for a stroller

Personal Experience:

We had our son in his car-seat & had to hold on to it because when people would walk by they’d accidentally push it…fun.
I tried nursing my son at the back booth type table. It was okay until these 2 ladies sat next to us & kept glancing at us. Mind you the back 2 tables are shared by the same booth seat & the table is a little more than arms length away.

Warning: Bit of a Rant. Now I wear a nursing shawl when I nurse, I’m not trying to put on a show for anybody so I don’t understand why people STARE at you as if they are looking from a 2 way mirror that I can’t see them. Yeah, I can see ya! STOP STARING. ~End Rant~ : D

All in all it’s a good place, we enjoy the food (especially their famous fish tacos) but I can’t say its baby/kid friendly.

Sweet Tomatoes

8 Sep

7114 N. Fresno Street  Fresno, CA 93720

3 1/2 Out of 5 Stars


  • Have changing table in the handicap bathroom stall.
  • Changing table in Men’s handicap bathroom stall as well.
  • Have baby chairs
  • Have high chairs


  • They also have disposable bibs, which if you’ve forgotten them is a GREAT help at a buffet : D


  • When its crowded, its feels like your child’s baby or high chair is in people’s walking space.
  • No nursing area

Personal Experience:

Taking a baby is kind of difficult as you feel your child is on the way wherever their seat is. There is nowhere to nurse & on the average it is a quiet restaurant. This place has great nutritious food & the variety is great to be able to offer to kids. The place is very clean & we love to go there. They try to make mommies w kiddies & families feel welcome, which goes a long way. But I would have to say it is more KID friendly rather than baby friendly.

Mimi’s Cafe

7 Sep
3 1/2 Stars out of 5
  • Have booster seats & high chairs.
  • Booths were..adequate to fit a car seat.
  • Some Booths have enough privacy & room  to nurse.
  • Changing table in women’s bathroom
  • The largest bathroom is big enough for your kid to walk around for a second or place your car seat down in & it seemed like a bonus the doors go down the whole way so that you don’t have to worry about your little one crawling out.
  • Have kids menu
Con: pretty quiet so when your child is loud, seems noticeable to you.
Personal experience: we sat at a booth w a friendly older couple who played a small game of peekaboo w our child as he leered into their booth : p after that couple left another older couple who was NOT interested in our curious little adventurer sat there.
Our server, that day, was VERY slow. We didn’t mind at first as we were trying have enjoy ourselves, but with only 3 other customers after waiting for EVERYTHING as if it was a full house our patience waned.
“excuse me, can I have ranch to go w/this appetizer?”….1/2 way through….”excuse me, can I have some ranch for this?” & EVERYTHING was this long.
And anybody who’s eating w/a small child knows you have a window of time that you can be at a place before they start LOSING it!
So waiting for things when we were already to go was NOT fun.
In general:
The restaurant has alot of older couples & people just wanting to relax & take their time enjoying their food.
I see nothing wrong w/ this at all, but especially if you’re a new parent it can cause u to feel so much more aware of every squeal n screech from your little darling : D