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Pregnancy brain blunders

5 Aug

A new study came out stating that preggo brain is NOT real, that it’s allll in our heads, yeah right!

I personally had an AWESOME memory, I’m talking SHARP! But after I became┬ápregnant…it started.

I remember feeling so foggy minded. It was REALLY hard to comprehend even sentences my husband would tell me. I would repeat back sentences told to me to that I could ingest it. Learning new concepts was an unsuspecting challenge that threw me for another loop. I had always prided myself on being able o be told something once & I’d get it right away but being so far along, that wasn’t happening like it did ­čśŤ I give pregnant woman who are working in any sort of job that requires concentration or going to school MAJOR props cause it took TWICE the work to not only learn it but retain it for me : D

Take a look on the link above & be vindicated like me!!! lol

What was your worst pregnancy brain blunder?