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Ameda Purely Yours breast pump

1 Aug

So in a different post I talked about how I was able to get this breast pump free!

-Individual suction & speed control 20130808_095334
-You don’t have to worry about the milk getting in the tubing like with the Medela’s causing mildew to form in the machine.

The membrane keeps the milk from entering the tubing.

The membrane keeps the milk from entering the tubing.

– Though it is a double pump, one tube can be closed off & used as a single pump
– It can be plugged in OR run solely on batteries


-Feels like there could be more suction sometimes (but it still makes your milk flow really well)

Ok, overall, I REALLY enjoy this pump. When I bought my first pump I passed this one over because it kind of looked cheap & when you spend that much money on a pump it seems the best idea is to go with a pump that is well-known i.e. Medela.
I think the Ameda breast pump is VERY underrated & often passed over. With the Medela Swing, the function I wanted & lacked was being able to control the drawl or suction. With the Swing whenever you increased the suction it automatically sped up the pumping too which is NOT what I needed. The ability to control the suction & speed of the pump makes this pump equate that of the hospital grade pumps without the price.


Free breast pump!? Uh, Yes please!!

25 Jul

Free breast pump? No it’s not a scam :-p
2 years ago, after having some nursing issues, I found myself searching for a decent breast pump. I settled on a Medela Pump in style which is a single pump. Fast forward to last weekend….I’m now on my second son & due to nursing issues (yet again, sigh)I am exclusively pumping & this pump is rapidly declining!

I begin the dreaded search for another pump when I come across a review. The lady in the review is talking about how her insurance covered 90% of the pump! With some of these pumps costing up to $300+ it was COMPLETELY worth looking into.

Sure enough, I call my insurance & they say they will cover a breast pump 100%!!!!!!!!

The thing is though, that you MUST order it through one of their medical companies that they work with. After the operator provided a list of companies I looked on their website to see which pumps they provided & researched them.

They are not cheap-no name brands either but well-known & quality pumps.

I found a pump that I LOVE (You can see the review here ) & it is DEFINITELY worth a call to your insurance company, no matter what type it is.