We must stop these crazed half naked psychopaths from feeding their children in front of other people!

11 Aug

Breastfeeding; from a mans point of view

The Matt Walsh Blog

What the hell is wrong with us? We’ve made porn into a billion dollar industry, we put sex into everything from fast food advertisements to family TV shows, we allow our daughters to idolize teenage pop stars who dress like hookers and sing about fornication; we are a culture that is permissive, hyper sexual and overtly hedonistic, yet, in spite of all of this, BREASTFEEDING is somehow offensive to us. We suffer from a special brand of insanity, so unique that it needs its own name: Progressive Puritanism. For the most part we carry on like we’re living in Sodom or Gomorrah, but if someone goes really crazy and decides to feed their child in sight of other humans, all of the sudden we turn into Victorian prudes. It doesn’t make any sense.

In the last few days I’ve seen a few stories dealing with the “controversy” surrounding breastfeeding in…

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Heading to New York city?? Need a place to breast-feed?

8 Aug

I found a great little link on places to nurse in New York City.  I’ve personally never been but if you’re going there, you can use this list as a starting point. Plus, take a look at the comments below the article at all the other places people mention.


& if you visit any breast-feeding friendly locations, Share them! Let’s get the word out about breast-feeding friendly locations!!!!

Ameda Purely Yours breast pump

1 Aug

So in a different post I talked about how I was able to get this breast pump free!

-Individual suction & speed control 20130808_095334
-You don’t have to worry about the milk getting in the tubing like with the Medela’s causing mildew to form in the machine.

The membrane keeps the milk from entering the tubing.

The membrane keeps the milk from entering the tubing.

– Though it is a double pump, one tube can be closed off & used as a single pump
– It can be plugged in OR run solely on batteries


-Feels like there could be more suction sometimes (but it still makes your milk flow really well)

Ok, overall, I REALLY enjoy this pump. When I bought my first pump I passed this one over because it kind of looked cheap & when you spend that much money on a pump it seems the best idea is to go with a pump that is well-known i.e. Medela.
I think the Ameda breast pump is VERY underrated & often passed over. With the Medela Swing, the function I wanted & lacked was being able to control the drawl or suction. With the Swing whenever you increased the suction it automatically sped up the pumping too which is NOT what I needed. The ability to control the suction & speed of the pump makes this pump equate that of the hospital grade pumps without the price.

Free breast pump!? Uh, Yes please!!

25 Jul

Free breast pump? No it’s not a scam :-p
2 years ago, after having some nursing issues, I found myself searching for a decent breast pump. I settled on a Medela Pump in style which is a single pump. Fast forward to last weekend….I’m now on my second son & due to nursing issues (yet again, sigh)I am exclusively pumping & this pump is rapidly declining!

I begin the dreaded search for another pump when I come across a review. The lady in the review is talking about how her insurance covered 90% of the pump! With some of these pumps costing up to $300+ it was COMPLETELY worth looking into.

Sure enough, I call my insurance & they say they will cover a breast pump 100%!!!!!!!!

The thing is though, that you MUST order it through one of their medical companies that they work with. After the operator provided a list of companies I looked on their website to see which pumps they provided & researched them.

They are not cheap-no name brands either but well-known & quality pumps.

I found a pump that I LOVE (You can see the review here ) & it is DEFINITELY worth a call to your insurance company, no matter what type it is.

Prayers, Shares, Cash & Cloth

18 Jul

I recently read about this company that is doing a great ministry to help our orphans. Jake’s Diapers.
I beg anyone who sees this to please check out their site, as well as The Little Bee Co. to see the beautiful blessings they are doing.

Prayers, Shares, Cash & Cloth.

Please share & post their site, it really is a beautiful, loving ministry that could literally make a world of difference.

Splash Cafe

3 Jul

-High chairs
– loud enough that your baby fussing isn’t so obvious

– No boosters, baby slings (car seat carrier)
– No diaper changing table
– No Nursing area
– Tight squeeze

Personal Experience

I’ve been twice; once when my son was an infant then again when he was a toddler. I can’t say one age was really easier than another. Even during the weekdays it’s pretty busy & with the seating so close to each other it’s another job to keep a nosy toddler focused on their own meal & not staring or trying to grab other people’s : p
All in all, I would say it’s not very kid & ESPECIALLY nursing friendly.

Feel free to share your experiences & tips for how you handle the crowds.

Milkies-Milk Saver

2 Jul


Best kept secret?
I can easily say that the milk saver is One of the BEST breastfeeding products that you may not know about!
I nursed my first son for a little over a year & Never heard about this.
What is it?
It’s a container you comfortably place on your breast while nursing or pumping the other breast. As you may already know, when milk is coming out from one side, it comes out of the other too. So this product is able to passively collect that milk without having to do ANY work! I love it!!

Every time I collect an ounce, shoot, HALF an ounce I always proclaim the milkie to be worth it’s weight in gold! Haha!
In the description of the product it says you can wear it while out & about, uh, not really Billie! In the picture below you can see how large it is.
BUT you could wear it in the car on your way home if you wanted.
As with most items there are some flaws. For the Milkie I would say the only 2 problems I have come across is if more than 2 oz leaks out, that it overflows & begins to leak out.
In general it’s not generally more than 1.5 oz that leaks from your breast anyway but if you’re particularly full after missing a few feelings than you might run into this more.
The second problem is the lack of a lid or cover.
Believe it or not, I would forget I had the milk saver on & after nursing would go lay my baby down. Well leaning over while wearing this is an obvious no-no, because it will cause all the milk you’ve just collected to spill out.
The only thing I can think to combat that is possibly a lid?
In any case the Milk Saver still does an excellent job & is one of the best gifts you can give a nursing mom.

To see a small video about the Milkie, visit my Facebook page
Family Day Out

Cloth to go

11 Jun

Traveling out & about while cloth diapering

As some of you may know, I recently began cloth diapering (CD’ing) part time for my little guy who is almost 3 months now. I wasn’t aware of all the challenges & tips needed when venturing out with a LO while CDing so I asked Blog writer Jenny Cooper of Cloth Diaper Diary to share her knowledge. Below is her post which you can find at My Cloth Diaper Diary: Cloth to go

In this blog I will be sharing what I’ve learned so far about cloth diapering on the go. We have yet to go on any long road trips or overnight trips since we started cloth diapering, so my experience is limited to mainly common everyday outings and day trips to grandparents, family or friends houses, but I hope it will be helpful to some of you.

When I first started using cloth I had only a small one-two diaper wet bag. This worked/works fine for a quick trip to the store or park, but I quickly realized was not enough for longer outings, such as a few hour outing to friends of families houses or church and lunch. I bought a medium bag and still it was not quite enough for events that turned into all day or sometimes even half the day events. I recommend a large wet bag. You rarely need that much space, but it’s always nice to have extra space as apposed to not enough. I also think it’s helpful to have at least 2 so if ones in the dirty clothes you have a back up.

In the beginning I also was unsure how many diapers to bring on outings. Since cloth diapers take up significantly more space than disposables I recommend, one, having a bigger diaper bag and, two, stashing a few extras in the car. When you’re more experienced with how many diapers your baby goes through in a given period of time or at certain times of day, you can plan how many you think you’ll need for the amount of time you think you’ll be gone, but again extra is always better.

I would say 2 of the biggest challenges about cloth on the go is rinsing poopy diapers out and having to worry about storage of dirty diaper while dealing with a squirming dirty bottomed baby. I have learned a few things that help with these issues. Firstly I get everything I need out before I take the soiled diaper off; wet bag, wipes, new diaper. When I take the diaper off and wipe the baby down I make a careful pile of trash verses things that will go into the wet bag. I pick the trash up with a clean wipe toss it in the wastebasket and throw the diaper in the wet bag, then re-diaper the baby. Some people do this for all diapers, I prefer to make my best effort to have soiled diapers as clean the situation and environment will allow.

I use what I have to rinse the diaper as clean as I can most places this means dunking and swooshing in whatever toilet is available, but I’m also very grossed out by using a public restroom toilet. For rinsing some may want to keep a pair of rubber or disposable gloves in a Ziploc or wet bag for rinsing and ringing out diapers. At public restrooms I wipe what I can with the wipes and try to get home sooner to rinse them thoroughly. The best thing has been the flushable liners, once baby is having more solid BM’s this is the best solution it helps get a lot and even sometimes all poop from getting to the actual diaper.

Now that my daughter is potty training age one thing I started doing and I think can be done even at much younger ages is I try to get her to pee on the potty before we leave the house. Even on little ones that don’t known anything about peeing on the potty can be sat down for a reasonable amount of time to see if they can go before you leave the house. This helps maximize the amount of time before they’ll need another diaper and helps prevent them from have a soiled diaper in the car, which my daughter hates.

For church Sunday school we always put her in disposables so the staff doesn’t have to deal with cloth. I don’t know what we’d do if she had to go to daycare, but I have heard of some cloth friendly daycare’s, so far we’ve been lucky enough that Grandma and Grandpa have always been able to watch our little one when we’ve needed a sitter. I recommend using AIO (All In One) diapers for sitters, they’re the easiest for inexperienced cloth diaperers. I also recommend using all the same type/brand so it’s less confusing for sitters not having to learn a new snap setting or Velcro direction for each new diaper.

I’ll let you all know how it goes whenever we do a road trip or overnight somewhere that’s at a hotel not just families house. We recently went camping, but I figured a camping trip with a toddler in a tent is tough enough without having to figure out where to wash out my cloth diapers and I also don’t think I have a big enough stash to last for 3 days. Till next time happy diapering!

What I’ve learned in 2 yrs. of parenting

6 Jun


Tomorrow my son is turning 2 yrs old.
In those 2 yrs. I’ve learned a few things that i will carry through with me.
I’ve learned that no one has the market on hard parenting. Yes the days we have are hard (so..SO. hard some days) but someone somewhere else has it harder so don’t feel sorry for yourself or make others feel like what THEY are going through is NOTHING compared to what You Went through. Everyone has a different journey & it is no more or less than yours.

-There is millions upon millions of opinions on every parenting problem, the best piece of advice I received on this was from my mother, you gotta find what works for you & what works best for YOUR family.

-The Mother instinct is real. You know when something is wrong or not right. It may not be a life threatening illness but simply that they were not “perfectly fine” like others told you. Listen to it, it is the best gift we mothers have. We didn’t always have books or the Internet but He gave us a Great intuition.
-Take advice w a grain of salt. You may think someone has a CrAzY remedy or way they do things….only to find out later that crazy bat was on to something! : p
Be in & take lots of pictures-especially moms. You make think you look thrashed but they think your beautiful! Like one mom wrote, “I realized I’m not messing up the picture, I’m completing it”

-The days are long but the weeks are short!

-Try to enjoy those little moments; See the joy or laughter in those times you could easily bulldoze with your emotions or “need” to be on schedule. Ex; my son thought it was hilarious to NOT let me put his shorts on. In that moment I decided to enjoy hearing his little laughter & make a game of “catching” his legs 🙂

& Lastly, go easy on yourself & ease up on your parents. Nobody is perfect, we all make mistakes, so forgive them & forgive yourself.

Bj’s Country Kitchen

8 Apr

200 W Shaw Ave # 103 Clovis, Ca. 93612

1 Star out of 5


  • High chairs


  • No boosters
  • Tight spacing, no room for stroller
  • Nowhere to nurse
  • No changing table

Personal Experience:

I’ve been to this restaurant before & had good dining experiences, I don’t know if the economy has gotten that bad or just customer service in general. Yet the thought that kept coming to my mind was…So gross.

I mean, I feel grossed out even thinking about eating there. The food was heeecka greasy & I mean GREASY.We waited so long to get our food & I began to wonder if it was because they were letting the hash browns soak in the oil for that long. Granted, when the waitress said we had 5 tickets ahead of us (after waiting 20 mins from our order being taken) I asked if there was ANYTHING they could bring out. She happily said she could bring out my biscuits n Gravy…Thank you Lord!

The tables are SO close together, even if it is loud enough for your kid to make noise, the tables are only an arm’s length away so it’s like you’re sharing a table, haha!

Now this is my own growing pet peeve, but everything was sticky. I get a little grossed out thinking that it’s been THAT long since the plastic menus have been wiped down,especially being that you handle them BEFORE you get your food, so it’s not from the food that it’s getting that way.

The food just wasn’t that good & I regretted not eating at Denny’s. Not that Denny’s food is top cuisine but it sure beat Bj’s Country Kitchen.