What I’ve learned in 2 yrs. of parenting

6 Jun


Tomorrow my son is turning 2 yrs old.
In those 2 yrs. I’ve learned a few things that i will carry through with me.
I’ve learned that no one has the market on hard parenting. Yes the days we have are hard (so..SO. hard some days) but someone somewhere else has it harder so don’t feel sorry for yourself or make others feel like what THEY are going through is NOTHING compared to what You Went through. Everyone has a different journey & it is no more or less than yours.

-There is millions upon millions of opinions on every parenting problem, the best piece of advice I received on this was from my mother, you gotta find what works for you & what works best for YOUR family.

-The Mother instinct is real. You know when something is wrong or not right. It may not be a life threatening illness but simply that they were not “perfectly fine” like others told you. Listen to it, it is the best gift we mothers have. We didn’t always have books or the Internet but He gave us a Great intuition.
-Take advice w a grain of salt. You may think someone has a CrAzY remedy or way they do things….only to find out later that crazy bat was on to something! : p
Be in & take lots of pictures-especially moms. You make think you look thrashed but they think your beautiful! Like one mom wrote, “I realized I’m not messing up the picture, I’m completing it”

-The days are long but the weeks are short!

-Try to enjoy those little moments; See the joy or laughter in those times you could easily bulldoze with your emotions or “need” to be on schedule. Ex; my son thought it was hilarious to NOT let me put his shorts on. In that moment I decided to enjoy hearing his little laughter & make a game of “catching” his legs 🙂

& Lastly, go easy on yourself & ease up on your parents. Nobody is perfect, we all make mistakes, so forgive them & forgive yourself.


2 Responses to “What I’ve learned in 2 yrs. of parenting”

  1. Cindy Lou June 6, 2013 at 10:28 pm #

    I think that was absolutely wonderful, the experiences that you’ve begun to face n ur life path. I live the words of wisdom that u’ve begin to see it is what is There is no perfect handbook but one, God ‘s word will always guide you :/)

    • 1mom2anothr June 6, 2013 at 10:36 pm #

      Amen. And thank u 🙂 I just want to give others what ever I learn, u never know what can help someone else y’know!

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