28 Sep

40 El Camino  Fresno, CA 93720

1/2 Star out of 5


  • Have High chairs


  • No changing tables
  • Nowhere to nurse
  • Nowhere to put a baby’s car-seat; either on a sling carrier OR chair
  • kind of too crowded for a stroller

Personal Experience:

We had our son in his car-seat & had to hold on to it because when people would walk by they’d accidentally push it…fun.
I tried nursing my son at the back booth type table. It was okay until these 2 ladies sat next to us & kept glancing at us. Mind you the back 2 tables are shared by the same booth seat & the table is a little more than arms length away.

Warning: Bit of a Rant. Now I wear a nursing shawl when I nurse, I’m not trying to put on a show for anybody so I don’t understand why people STARE at you as if they are looking from a 2 way mirror that I can’t see them. Yeah, I can see ya! STOP STARING. ~End Rant~ : D

All in all it’s a good place, we enjoy the food (especially their famous fish tacos) but I can’t say its baby/kid friendly.


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