Mimi’s Cafe

7 Sep
3 1/2 Stars out of 5
  • Have booster seats & high chairs.
  • Booths were..adequate to fit a car seat.
  • Some Booths have enough privacy & room  to nurse.
  • Changing table in women’s bathroom
  • The largest bathroom is big enough for your kid to walk around for a second or place your car seat down in & it seemed like a bonus the doors go down the whole way so that you don’t have to worry about your little one crawling out.
  • Have kids menu
Con: pretty quiet so when your child is loud, seems noticeable to you.
Personal experience: we sat at a booth w a friendly older couple who played a small game of peekaboo w our child as he leered into their booth : p after that couple left another older couple who was NOT interested in our curious little adventurer sat there.
Our server, that day, was VERY slow. We didn’t mind at first as we were trying have enjoy ourselves, but with only 3 other customers after waiting for EVERYTHING as if it was a full house our patience waned.
“excuse me, can I have ranch to go w/this appetizer?”….1/2 way through….”excuse me, can I have some ranch for this?” & EVERYTHING was this long.
And anybody who’s eating w/a small child knows you have a window of time that you can be at a place before they start LOSING it!
So waiting for things when we were already to go was NOT fun.
In general:
The restaurant has alot of older couples & people just wanting to relax & take their time enjoying their food.
I see nothing wrong w/ this at all, but especially if you’re a new parent it can cause u to feel so much more aware of every squeal n screech from your little darling : D

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